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LTV1304 CFP2 Optical Transceiver

100Gb/s 10km

The LTV1304 is a low power consumption CFP2 transceiver with high performance up to 103.12Gb/s high speed telecom and data communications over 10km single mode fiber. It is compliant with the CFP2 MSA, IEEE802.3ba 100GBase LR4 specifications. It is offered in the commercial temperature range. The module has an aggregate link bandwidth in excess of 100Gb/s by using 4 electrical lanes , each capable of transmitting 25.78Gb/s, 4 optical lanes, each capable of 25.78 Gb/s.

Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Fiber Type Wavelength Rate Tx Output Rx Input
LTV1304-BC+ CFP2 LC 10km C Single-mode LAN-WDM 100Gb/s -4.3dBm~4.5dBm -8.6dBm(OMA)

• 100GBASE-LR4 

• 4 electrical, 4 optical lanes

• Aggregate data rate in excess of 111.8 Gb/s 

• Up to 10km link on SMF single-mode fiber

• Cooled 4x28 G LAN-WDM EML Laser Array / Pin PD array

• MDIO Interface

• CFP2 MSA compliance

• Power consumption < 6W

• Standards

   IEEE 802.3ba 100GBASE LR4

   ITU-T G.959.1  2012